About Me

  • Hello my name's Nicola Liggins, thank you for visiting my website.


    I'm married to Ian and between us we have 4 gorgeous children - Alice, Kieren, Jozef and our youngest Maisie.


    I have a background in retail HR management which I absolutely loved but the hours and shifts were totally antisocial and not at all family friendly and I found Alice constantly being stuck in Childcare which after losing 3 children, was the total opposite of the stay at home mum that I wanted to be - but, like the majority of people, I couldn't afford to be.


    In the year 2000, I took the opportunity to set up my own business as an events organiser in the wedding industry, this enabled me to have the best of both worlds of working from home and being a stay at home mum, and it served its purpose of enabling me to raise my family and whilst i developed a hugely successful business it only ever paid me an irregular, pocket money type income. Unfortunately, our desire to give our kids the very best of everything meant that we didn't have a pocket money type lifestyle, we were living beyond our means and we were constantly robbing Peter to pay Paul, so much so that I had to admit that we were getting into quite a financial mess with credit cards, loans and overdrafts, we had no pension provision in place for when we eventually retired and we had nothing but debts to leave to our kids when our time was up, and I found myself in the position of having to consider going back to the 'rat race' - which would have meant our youngest wouldn't have had mum at home like the others had - not a happy thought.


    So I was extremely grateful, when in the October of 2011, my neighbour at the time offered me the chance to take a look at an opportunity which would enable me to continue working form home and earn an additional income around my existing commitments, and although I honestly didn't believe I had the time, I knew I had to do something to change our financial situation. Ian was extremely sceptical but I got started anyway, very part time working 5-7 hours per week fitting it when Maisie was napping and on an evening when all the kids were settled - I gave up watching my soaps (to which I was addicted) and decided to earn money in the time I used to just waste.


    I started to earn a few hundred pounds per month, recommending products to my close family members and few friends and as this increased I was able to gradually decrease my hours on my other businesses and up my new business time to about 10-15 hours per week, within 6 months of joining, recommending products and helping other people to build their own businesses, I was earning around £1500 per month.


    Fast forward to where we are today and our lives are very different, we now have our choices - I have been able to wind down my other businesses altogether, Ian has been able to quit his 60-70 hours per week steel industry sales manager job which took him away from us as a family far too often and in an industry costantly under the threat of redundancy, and we both now work our business "full-time" - which is in reality "part-time" - approximately 25 hours per week, and now, between us, we have developed an incredible income.


    We have qualified for many company incentives including car plan which has enabled us to purchase a luxury car each, global 5*, all expenses paid travel! including spending money and an additional share of the companies turnover and we’ve been able to move into our family dream home in the middle of the countryside - somewhere, before, I literally only ever dreamt of living!


    I honestly never imagined that this business would provide us with such financial security but am delighted to say that it has literally changed our lives and we now have a legacy to leave for our children and future generations to come too.


    I often get asked whether this business REALLY works? and my answer is quite simple: “Yes it REALLY does work if you WORK IT! It doesn’t just land in your lap but if you have a genuine desire to change yours and your families lives and an amazing work ethic then we and thousands of our team are living proof that yes this business REALLY does work”


    Nicola Liggins