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Tech Membership

Tech Support In Your Pocket

Enjoy ongoing, monthly tech and design support with our Tech Support Membership. Perfect for those needing regular advice, troubleshooting, or a quick fix. Think of it as having a tech support expert in your pocket!


Ongoing Assistance: Enjoy consistent, monthly tech and design support to keep your business running smoothly.


Flexibility: Choose from one or two hours of dedicated ‘pick my brain’ design and tech support each month.


Access to Expertise: Have a tech expert in your corner, ready to help with any challenges that arise, providing peace of mind and continuity, you’ll never feel on your own again.

Amanda Savory
serenity hypnocare
Tech Membership success story

“Having Nicki in my ‘pocket’ is so comforting.”

Just knowing that Nicki is there at the end of a message or to jump on a quick zoom and show me how to add something to my website or create a new digital product for my buisness. She gives me so much piece of mind and confidence in learning and tackling design and tech tasks myself.


Template Club

DIY with professional results

Access a library of professionally designed, customisable templates for your business needs. Perfect for those who love a DIY approach but want professional results. Get new templates every month and elevate your brand’s look and feel effortlessly.


Creative Resources: Access a growing library of professionally designed Canva and Google Sheets templates to enhance your business, marketing and branding efforts.


Cost-Effective: Save time and money with ready-to-use templates that are easy to customise for your business.


Continuous Updates: Receive new templates regularly, keeping your marketing materials fresh and up-to-date.

Tablet, Camera and Accessories
Jacqui Brown
hello from heaven
Template Club success story

“Without these templates, I’d be lost!”

I absolutely recommend people join Nicki’s Template Club, it’s the most valuable group I’ve every joined full of amazing tips and fantastic content. I never run out of ideas of what to post and I’ve created some beautiful digital products using the templates.

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