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Marketing Brochure


Is your marketing material failing to captivate your audience?


Our Signature Creative Session: Marketing Brochure is designed to create a compelling, visually appealing brochure that captures your brand essence and engages your audience effectively.

Transform Your Marketing Efforts with a Professional Brochure


What Is the Marketing Brochure Session?

The Marketing Brochure session is an intensive, one-day collaboration to craft a high-quality brochure that reflects your brand’s identity and effectively communicates your key messages. By the end of the day, you’ll have a polished, professional brochure ready to impress your clients and partners.

What is included in the

Marketing Brochure Session?


Strategic Planning and Content Development

Purpose and Goals: Define the purpose and objectives of your brochure to ensure it meets your marketing needs.

Content Creation: Develop engaging and informative content that highlights your business’s unique value propositions.

Message Clarity: Ensure your brochure communicates your key messages clearly and effectively.


Visual Design and Layout

Layout Design: Create a visually appealing layout that guides the reader through your content seamlessly.

Imagery and Graphics: Select and incorporate high-quality images and graphics that enhance your brand’s visual appeal.

Brand Consistency: Ensure the design aligns with your brand identity for a cohesive and professional look.


Review and Finalisation

Real-Time Feedback: Collaborate in real-time to refine the brochure, making adjustments based on your input.

Final Touches: Polish the brochure to ensure it’s ready for print or digital distribution.

Delivery: Receive the final brochure in various formats suitable for different uses (print, digital, etc.).


One-on-One Collaboration

Full-Day Intensive Session: Spend a full day working closely with our expert team to refresh your brand, ensuring every detail aligns with your vision.

Real-Time Feedback and Adjustments: Make immediate adjustments based on your feedback to ensure the final result exceeds your expectations.

Why Choose the Signature Creative Session: Marketing Brochure?


How it works?

Book Your Session

Choose a convenient date for your Marketing Brochure session and secure your spot with our straightforward booking process. Click the ‘Book Your Marketing Brochure Session’ button below to get started.

Complete the Pre-Session Questionnaire

Receive and fill out a comprehensive questionnaire to provide us with essential information about your business, brand, and marketing goals. This helps us prepare and maximise our time together.

Gather Your Materials

Collect any existing content, images, and branding materials you want to include in the brochure. This will allow us to create a brochure that aligns perfectly with your brand identity.

Your Marketing Brochure Session

Connect via Zoom for a full day of focused, intensive collaboration. We’ll work together to develop the content, design the layout, and finalise the brochure. Real-time feedback ensures the final result exceeds your expectations.

Post-Session Support

After your Marketing Brochure session, receive the final brochure in various formats and 30 days of email support to address any questions or adjustments needed. This ensures you can confidently distribute and use your new marketing brochure.

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Terms & Conditions for Spotlight Sessions

By booking a Spotlight Session with Nicola Liggins of The Design and Tech Studio (“Service Provider”), you (“Client”) agree to the following terms and conditions:


During the Spotlight Session, Service Provider agrees to devote up to 1 hour on assignments to be determined by Client. Work will be performed via Zoom, with priority and scheduling at the discretion of Client.

Terms of Payment & Booking

Payment for these services will be to the Service Provider at the rate of £247 per hour and will be due at the time of booking this appointment.

Additional Requirements

Design and tech services beyond the Spotlight Session will be made available by Service Provider at the current hourly rate, and will be billed separately. Any expenses exclusive of normal overheads are not included in this agreement and will be billed separately. Examples of such expenses are: premium software tools, third-party application services, and stock images.

Property Rights

Property Rights will remain with Service Provider until final and full payment has been received, upon receipt of which, the results of any and all work performed by Service Provider for Client will transfer to the property of the Client. Client may use this material in any way deemed appropriate.

Publicity and Promotion Rights

Client understands that any written statements, images, audio recordings, or video recordings of Client while participating in the session and made on behalf of the Service Provider may be used in connection with publicising and promoting the Service Provider. Client authorises the Service Provider to use their name, brief biographical information, and the written or recorded statements.

Refund Policy

This purchase is non-refundable. However, sessions can be rescheduled with at least 48 hours’ notice. If the Client fails to request a new date at least 48 hours prior to their booked appointment, the session will be forfeited, and no refund will be issued.

Usage of Session Recording

Recordings of the session will be provided to the Client for personal use only. Client agrees not to share the session recording with anyone else, including contractors, consultants, or other team members.

No Roll-Over of Unused Time

Any unused time during the Spotlight Session cannot be rolled over to another date or time, and no refunds will be given for unused time.

No Guarantee of Specific Deliverables

This booking does not guarantee a set of deliverables. While significant progress can be made, specific deliverables may vary based on the complexity and scope of the tasks. If additional work is needed beyond the session, further sessions must be booked and paid for.

By booking a Spotlight Session, the Client acknowledges that they have read, understood, and agreed to these terms and conditions.


Have a question?

The session lasts for a full day, approximately 7-8 hours, of focused collaboration.

You’ll need to complete a pre-session questionnaire and gather any existing content, images, and branding materials you want to include.

Yes, additional days can be booked if needed to ensure all aspects of your brochure are covered comprehensively.

We understand that plans can change. You can reschedule your session with at least 14 days’ notice. Please refer to our terms and conditions for more details.

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